Solus – 4: The Walrus

(Haven’t read any of Solus yet? First off, shame on you.  Second, let’s start with Chapter 1) [Paul’s Log – Day 702] Fingernails are a very strange.  They’re like small pieces of plastic extending from the tips of your hands. That’s a simile.  Comparing my fingernails to plastic.  Some would say it’s a metaphor.  Up […]

Solus- 3: Birth-Day

(First time here?  How about we start with Chapter 1) [Paul’s Log – Day 696] I finished the educational building today.  School, I suppose, is what it will be called.  Nova and Stellar have some items to finalize on the mechanical side of things.  Running some wires.  Testing out some computer equipment.  But the building […]

Solus – 2: Rainbows

(Chapter 2 of my NaNoWriMo novel Solus. If you haven’t read part one, I’d suggest starting there.) [Paul’s Log: Day 694] Hello, it’s Paul again. Why do I keep beginning like that?  I mean, who else would it be?  It says Paul’s Log at the top.  This is my computer in my room.  Granted, there’s no […]