Have something to say but lack the skills to properly say it?  Let me say it for you!

I’m basically a hired gun or a mercenary, except for instead of killing people for money, I write.  Preferably for money.  I’d be open to accepting some other form a payment.  A puppy, perhaps?

I like to think I can write about pretty much anything, in different styles, for different audiences.  My experience includes:

  • Personal blogs,
  • Professional blogs
  • Training Materials
  • Applications and forms
  • Resumé Polishing
  • Content and Copy-writing
  • Marketing Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • And much more

I’m also great at writing cheesy poetry, greeting cards, and parody songs.  I don’t know why you would hire someone to do that, but in case you’re interested, I’m pretty skilled in those areas.

If you’re interested, just visit the connect page and shoot me a message, and we can go from there.  I can provide writing examples, references, proof of US citizenship, proof of alien life on other planets, and drug-free blood samples.

Okay, one of those things isn’t true.  I’ll let you figure out which…