When I set out to become a writer, I didn’t do it for the money.  Anyone who wants to make a lot of money and decides to become a writer is not a very wise person.  I became a writer because I love writing and creating and entertaining and inspiring.

Those are also the reasons why I made this blog.

That said, everyone has their expenses.  As a person who had to pay their own way through college, my journey to becoming a writer left a bit of a hole in my finances.  I work full time, and pay my bills, but I certainly wouldn’t mind paying off my debt faster.

Asking for help isn’t something i really do.  I’m the kind of guy who tries to do everything by himself or figure it out on my own.

But I’m also not the type to turn down someone’s generosity.  If you enjoy my writings here and you’ve said to yourself “Man, I wish there’s a way I could support this guy”, well, here’s your chance.  Just click the button below, and give what you want.

It’s not tax-deductible or anything.  Sorry.  But it might make you feel good inside to give something.  Even a dollar.

For what it’s worth, anything I get from here will go directly to my remaining student loans.  Pretty cool, right?

Whether you give anything or not, I have no doubt that you are a wonderful, beautiful person, and I wish nothing but the best for you.  Have a great day!