Author: timothy

Solus – 4: The Walrus

(Haven’t read any of Solus yet? First off, shame on you.  Second, let’s start with Chapter 1) [Paul’s Log – Day 702] Fingernails are a very strange.  They’re like small pieces of plastic extending from the tips of your hands. That’s a simile.  Comparing my fingernails to plastic.  Some would say it’s a metaphor.  Up […]

Solus- 3: Birth-Day

(First time here?  How about we start with Chapter 1) [Paul’s Log – Day 696] I finished the educational building today.  School, I suppose, is what it will be called.  Nova and Stellar have some items to finalize on the mechanical side of things.  Running some wires.  Testing out some computer equipment.  But the building […]

Solus – 2: Rainbows

(Chapter 2 of my NaNoWriMo novel Solus. If you haven’t read part one, I’d suggest starting there.) [Paul’s Log: Day 694] Hello, it’s Paul again. Why do I keep beginning like that?  I mean, who else would it be?  It says Paul’s Log at the top.  This is my computer in my room.  Granted, there’s no […]

Forgotten Headphones (Distractions and Excuses)

There’s some foreign tune rattling the Starbucks speakers above me. Behind, two guys laugh and joke about their adventures the night before.  Beside me, a man attempts to sell a couple on something.  Insurance, I think.  Their voices blend together with a dozen others, occasionally joined by espresso machines spewing steam and metal measuring cups clanging against a […]

FIREWORKS (a poem on friendship)

We burn brightest when we’re together. Our sparks erupt like joyous laughter, When we take flight and light the dark, Shining memories in our arc. As distance grows, our fires fade, Each of us goes our separate ways. We drift along into the night, Remembered only upon closed eyes. We reached for stars, our destinies […]