Hello, My Name Is Timothy

timothy snyder

Or just Tim, if you're into the whole brevity thing.  I know that's a pretty intense picture up there, but I like to thing I'm a pretty casual guy.  Forced smiles in pictures just isn't my thing.

Anyway, I'm a writer who got tired of people not reading the things he wrote.  So I relaunched a long abandoned blog in the hopes that maybe people out there will enjoy my random thoughts and stories.  Despite what some might try to tell you, writers do not just write for themselves.  Writing for yourself is like trying to give yourself a shoulder massage.  It's a lot of work for little satisfaction.

Or something like that....

Anyway, there's a lot of things in life that I'm really not certain about.  But I'm fairly positive that there's a God and he put me on this earth to write and tell stories and things like that.  Creatives gotta create, right?

So this is me creating. Best case scenario, I'll even entertain, inspire, and bring hope.  I love to give hope.

Hope can sustain a person long past the point where they should have given up.  If I can make a person's day just a bit brighter, if I can make them smile for just a second, then I have succeeded.

I live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and I also like coffee.  Really, beverages as a whole are pretty great.  Except water.  Water is highly overrated.

If you'd like to know more about me, or you'd like to share something about yourself, just hop over to the Connect page and shoot me a message.

Here's what other people have said about me:

“If I were as funny as Tim, I’d quote myself on Facebook.”

-My friend Nicole

“The later it gets, the more he sounds like Yoda.”
-My friend Rachel

“He confuses me with big words and intelligent sentences”
-Haley Abbott

"He writes like an old sage that is all knowing and inspirational."
-Alex Kubicek

“We’ve always thought he was very special.”
-My parents

“I hate how well clothes fit him.”
-Dave Olson

“He’s really attractive.”
-Random drunken woman I met on the sidewalk once